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Consumer Goods Data Analytics Illuminated at AGFoods

Coffee, tea, frappe and you name it. Consumer packaged goods producer keeps it’s customers rocking since 1990 in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech and all over the Europe including Great Britain and Russia. In this Innovative Customer Highlights edition we are having AGFoods senior controlling analyst, Michal Popelka. He shared with us, how his team gets better insights from consumer packaged goods data with cloud based BI.

Ing. Michal Popelka
Can you tell us how long have you been using BellaDati?
We are using BellaDati cloud since September 2014. With BellaDati we are now connecting directly to our database, CRM and FTP. Our focus is mainly on controlling data analytics in following 3 key areas:
  • sales, purchase, marketing
  • supply chain logistics
  • economics and accounting.

How did you select new BI solution?

Actually we discovered BellaDati first time in 2011 trough our CRM software provider. In April 2014 we were looking for new BI solution. Finally we decided for BellaDati cloud over Tableau. Few reasons why we decided for BellaDati are:

  • purely web based for analysts and business users,
  • no need to deploy report to share it with team or business users,
  • ETL process (automatic updates of data from ftp storage, overwriting policies…),
  • very responsive support,
  • fair pricing.

Correct me, but your data analytics team is not large. Right?

We have got team of 3 data analysts.  Since my team is not large we need effective solutions. Our focus is on data mining, management dashboards and forecasting (plan and actual business development comparisons).

AGFoods BI Solution

How many users are accessing reports and is it self-service process?

We streamlined access to reports and dashboards for 100 AGFooders roughly in 3 weeks. So business users can interact with reports and drill-down on their own and we can focus on finding new correlations to improve our sales or operations results. They access all reports trough web-browser.

What is your data analytics focus and what are main KPIs used?

Most popular KPIs and controlling reports are:

  • best selling line according geography and time;
  • purchase according company,article;
  • average pricing of articles and numbers of customers;
  • stock control and overall revenue;
  • accounting KPIs.

And we can actually see it as well in statistics of BellaDati activity monitor.

Data process
Can you provide us with details about deployment of your new BI solution? Time and skills needed?

Cloud service was available instantly. We decided for short training from BellaDati professional services. It was mostly in regards of the best practices related to data connectivity and data cleaning. It took 10 man days to fill system with key reports. All the actionable reports we are creating on our own and the number is growing each day. Once report is ready, we share it with business teams. They do specific filtering, drill-downs, data visualizations on their own.

What will be the next type of data to analyze?

We have got already plans to create new reports focused on manufacturing, service and transportation logistics data.

Thank you for having you here for this edition of Innovative Customer Highlights.