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Why investors and developers use BellaDati Framework for the development of innovative solutions?

We have done 80% of work for you, therefore:

  • You can go faster to the market
  • Apps and solutions are cheaper to develop
  • It is easier to tweak you business data
Order & Pay Mobile App Scheme

Why apps developers use BellaDati Framework?

We did 80% of work for you:

  • Authentication
  • Automated scheduling of process workflow
  • Transactional system
  • Analytics
  • Geo map
  • Data warehouse
  • Storage
  • IoT Suite
  • Native mobile UI components (table, charts, navigation and more)
Example: BellaDati Complete solution: Order & Pay via BellaDati mobile app
Order & Pay Mobile App Scheme
Objective of BellaDati Solution
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Optimize and predict usage of resources
How to improve Customer experience?
  • No waiting time and high quality of the service
  • Get customer’s feedback
  • Customers can monitor the status of the feedback
Ready made mobile component for favourite orders (Analyzed by BellaDati Framework)
Ready made component for Geo
Ready made Dynamic load of menu from BellaDati backend without programming.
Transactional system without programming